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Entries from April 1, 2010 - May 1, 2010

Entries from April 1, 2010 - May 1, 2010


Parenting Teenagers: What Should They Know?

I am preparing a life skills class for our co-op next year. Some topics I thought of were ironing a pair of pants, sewing on a button, writing a check and balancing a checkbook, and using a credit card. My 20 year old pointed out that no one her age uses checks or balances a check book. They keep up with their debit accounts online. Most of her friends don’t have credit cards either, for 2 reasons: 1) the credit crunch has made it difficult to get a card and 2) most anything they want to buy online or in a store they can purchase with a debit card. Also most of them don’t own an iron. Those few that do own irons use them mostly for craft projects.

In a few short years the practical skills I thought a child needs into adulthood have changed.

What practical skills would you like to have your child have before they leave your home? What skills do you wish you had learned at home?


Aging With Adventure: It’s Just Paint

I have never painted a room before by myself until this weekend. I suspected I would not like painting (I was right) but I never tried before because I was afraid I would do a lousy job of it. I am not a detailed person (hence some of the spelling errors in my posts). Painting a room seemed kind of detailed to me.

Some things I learned:

It takes time to prep a room. I have to tape every edge. I have watched both my husband and a profession painter paint rooms without taping anything. Not me.....the corner where I started was a mess. I stopped and taped off the trim and the ceiling with painters tape. Next time I either paint the walls, trim and ceiling all the same color or just accept that I am one of those people that the big rolls of painters tape is meant for.

Drop cloths are worth every penny in the peace of mind they provide. They are like painters tape for the floor and a lot less of a pain to use.

Rollers are better than paint pads. Rollers are better than paint brushes. I wish the whole room could have been done with a roller.

Ladders are probably safer then kitchen chairs to use, but chairs feel safer to use than ladders, at least to me.

A cloth to wipe up paint that goes where it should not was my best friend next to the drop cloths and paint roller.

Every mistake I made was magnified.

Using paint with primer added, did provide one coat coverage. I painted a bright blue over a dark green.

While I didn’t enjoy the process, the final result was worth it.

Fear of failure should not stop me from trying something new. Something I keep having to learn.

Do you tape when you paint?


Time Out For A Public Service Announcement: Phi Theta Kappa at Copper Mountain College Presents Information Transformation: How Do You Know ?

Why should I care about I.T.?
You should care for the same reason you care about the weather, presidential elections, and the cost of a movie ticket. You should care because I.T. affects your life.

Seminar at Copper Mountain College 6121Rotary Way, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

April 10, 2010 10:00 to 2:30

More information: InformationTransformation


The Very First Sunday



Heaven was still hushed, hell is probably not partying anymore (Ephesians 4:7-10), the city of Jerusalem is quiet, it is Shabbat, the day of rest.

The disciples are still in hiding and probably still in shock. What a difference a week makes.

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