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Entries from July 1, 2010 - August 1, 2010

Entries from July 1, 2010 - August 1, 2010


Happy Birthday To ME!!!


Parenting Semi-Adults: The Fling

I am frustrated in my on going attempt to keep our clothes from taking over the house and charging us rent - a situation caused by one of my heretofore unnamed children. Closing the door on said child's room is not a solution because the child sheds his/her clothes all over the house. I can not bring myself to toss the clothes out, and it irks me to no end that the unnamed child (child only in the sense he/she is my offspring, not child in the sense of years) will not pick up his/her clothes.

So thinking the irk should belong to the one who is being irksome, not to the poor put upon doormat formerly known as mom, I have developed the fling. I gather up all the shed, dropped, misplaced, lost clothes that belong to this child and I FLING them on her/his bed. It is very aerobic and therapeutic (for me at least).

I fling as needed, but this it is especially helpful practice when said child is still in her or his bed.

The doormat revolt is on!!!

Viva la résistance!


Parenting Teens: Drivers Ed One More Time

Skyler is taking the classroom part of drivers ed next week. This is our last child in high-school (yes, Ichabod did graduate), our last child to go to drivers ed. I have not given much though to the lasts that we will face these next few years.

We are almost done parenting teens....we have been at it for more than 11 years...I am more relieved than sad but it is the strangest thing....I keep catching glimpses of the tow headed toddlers that once were my kids....

Where did those little kids go?


This Time Last Year; Some Things Never Change

Parenting Semi-Adults: They Have Their Days And Nights Mixed Up.

Babies sometimes get their days and nights mixed up. The newborns are ready to party in the dead of night and sleep as the sunlight streams into their rooms.

As an unconscious call to return to a simpler time, my children now have their days and nights mixed up once again. They shun the early morning hours, sleeping right through the rising of the sun that had them up and going when they were preschoolers. They think eating before 2 PM is unreasonable and a 3 AM dinner is to be expected. The teens are revving into full awake mode somewhere around 11 PM. It is not unusual for one or the other to be on their cell phones all night long. The phone companies are losing a fortune on free minutes after seven.

Between jobs and summer commitments our paths cross only a few hours a day. The kids sort of revel in staying up as late as they want. “I’m a legal adult Mom”. Meanwhile the experienced adults in the house want to be in bed by 11PM. We have to get up in the morning.

First posted about a year ago. The more things change, the more they don't....sigh


More Freebies!!

I just came across this weekly list of freebies to send away for at Mom Advice. Amy Clark compiles a new list every Friday. Enjoy

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