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Entries from June 1, 2010 - July 1, 2010

Entries from June 1, 2010 - July 1, 2010


Beating Summer Doldrums: Reading Programs

I like reading and I like free stuff, so anything that combines the two is grand. Unfortunately you have to be under 13 (12 and under) to participate in either of the programs below....sigh.

Borders Book Summer Program: read 10, get one free.

Barnes and Noble: read 8, get one free.

Free books are chosen from a preselected list. The lists are on the web sites.

Check your local library to see if it has a kids reading program for the summer.


Movies: This Is Nuts: The Cost Of 3D

One night last week the walls of the house were closing in, the other person in the house nearest my age was getting on my last nerve (rare but it happens), and I on his: a strategic retreat was called for. I had $25 in my wallet so the retreat had to be frugal and strategic, no running away to visit family or to the bookstore. Bookstores are not frugal places when one is on one's last nerve. The only place worse is the yarn shop. I wanted to soothe our respective nerves not explode his. I thought a good movie would do the trick. Skyler came with and off we went to see Shrek.

The last time I took a kid to the movies it was $16 to get in. I about passed out when the young man behind the window said, "That will be $23. 60 please."

I though it might be time to get my hearing tested. $23.60 for 2 movie tickets.....that doesn't even include popcorn!!!!!

Note to the movie industry -> from now on as far as I am concerned "3D" means wait till the movie comes to Red Box.

I put our popcorn on the debit card. I kept my glasses.

Are you willing to pay the extra cost of a 3D moive?


Getting Better Every Decade Sis

Happy Birthday Girl!


We are now offically the same age...enjoy your special day!!


I Couldn't Write It Any Better: Stealing From Stacey Yet Again: 18 and Life

This is a post from my good friend Stacey at All Stace, All The Time. I though about writing on the same topic but I think she did an exceptional job, so why reinvent the wheel? Please visit her at All Stace, All The Time. Every Friday she does a chick flick movie review just in time for your weekend viewing pleasure.

You want to know a phrase that I NEVER want to hear again?

"I'm 18..."

Somewhere, someone started this rumor that all of the wonders of the world open up to you at 18. Lies! All lies! Any time that we ask Nick to do something that he does not want to do, he starts with "I'm 18 and...blah, blah, blah", any time we remind him of his responsibilities, it's "I'm 18 and...blah, blah, blah."
And you want to know what is funny about these responses? They CONSTANTLY are at direct odds with each other. I mean one time "I'm 18" means that he is a mature individual and therefore should not have to listen to his parents any longer and then (usually not long after the first declaration) he will use that line to get out of doing something because being 18 means that he is just supposed to have fun.

Seriously? Are you kidding me with this stuff?

Now I know that he did not create this "I'm 18" phenomenon...hell, I remember using it myself when I was 18 and to my parents, let me just say that I am sorry. I find the fact that I am still alive and have full use of my legs a huge testament to your patience and understanding.

What the boy does not understand is that biologically being 18 years of age does not give you super powers and does not entitle you to be a total BRAT to everyone around you. If you are going to claim the 18 as a maturity level, then be prepared to go full-throttle with it. Be mature. Take care of your responsibilities and don't MAKE us have to talk to you like a child and remind you to do the things that you need to do.

Here's something:
E - everything is NOT about you
I - insulting your parents is not winning you any points
H - how much longer are you planning on living here?
E - enough of the nonsense
E - every argument is getting tiresome
N - NEVER say "I'm 18" to me again!

I love you, my son, but you are seriously making me crazy!!!


50 Year Old Gym Novice: Everyone Is Looking At Me: Fear

I came across a list of the top 10 most effective abs exercises. I personally think the most effective thing for my abs would be liposuction, but with kids in college that procedure is not high on my list of Stuff My Husband Would Be Happy If I Purchased - hence the web surfing for ab exercises to do at the gym. The top exercise on the list is the bicycle. My back got twitchy just looking at the picture of the fit young lady demonstrating the exercise. The Captains chair was next on the list. That one looked doable, until I got to my gym.

Rather than stick that piece of apparatus in a dark corner where no one would see a 50 year old gym novice use it, it is smack at the entrance to the gym. I swear there is a spot light on the thing and a secret camera that feeds back into the office, so all those fit gym employees can have a good laugh once in a while.

I eyed the thing for about a week (that would be for 2 visits). Fear of looking foolish was the only thing keeping me from using that equipment. One of the nice things about being 50 (started in my 40’s) is knowing that looking a little foolish won’t hurt me (all that much).

Twice this week, I have quietly approached the captains chair at the gym, wiping the thing down (you should have seen some of the sweaty young men I observed using it without wiping it down ....ugh) and doing my 2 sets of 8 reps. I know the directions say repeat for 1-3 sets of 12-16 reps but I can’t do that....yet.

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