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Entries from April 1, 2009 - May 1, 2009

Entries from April 1, 2009 - May 1, 2009


Read Any Good Books Lately?

Summer is coming and I could use some suggestions. I like mystery, Sci-Fi, kids books,bios,novels,light reading (think Twilight),growing as a Christ follower. If I would he horrified to find my 14 year old reading it, I most likely won’t read it myself.

Any ideas?


Tales From Yesteryear: Aunt Cassandra

Dear Aurora,

Aunt Cassandra is the magical aunt. She brings fun, excitement and a touch of joy in her wake. She was born with a outgoing adventurous spirit. For Cassandra’s safety and our mom’s sanity from time to time our parents attempted to corral her adventurous side. It never worked for long and when Aunt Rosaline was old enough to assist if not actually plan adventures things would get out of hand from time to time.

Nana used to say Aunt C was dangerous because she never knew what she was doing and Aunt R was dangerous because she knew exactly what she was doing.

The earliest attempts I remember to corral Aunt Cassandra came as she was learning to walk. I dutiful child that I was would stay put. Mom would put us down for naps (we were never tired, she was) or to bed and tell us to stay put. Put I stayed, away Cassandra would wander. She didn’t just wander out of our room but at times out of the house. Our parents tried baby gates, locking the doors and windows. Your aunt was proving to be a clever escape artist.

Finally Pop-pop came up with a solution. Pop-pop was a pediatrician. I never knew if he begged, borrowed or took without permission this but problem solved.

At least for a short while….

More to come…..

Love Aunt Carissa

Anyone else have adventurous siblings?


Parenting Teens:These Shots for My Young Teen: Why Now?

I took tech princess for her annual checkup. I have to confess I am not good about the annual checkup thing. My kids are very healthy so except to for the 2 or 3 times a winter I suspect they might have Strep we don’t go to the doctor very often

So tech princess was due for some shots. She was current on tetius because she went on World Changers last year. She needed a chicken pox booster. Then we were advised she should have the HPV vaccine and the Hep A vaccine. I was given the information handouts to read before I agreed to the shots.

Lets see who should get the Hep A vaccine:

People traveling outside to US, men who have sex with men, drug abusers, people with chronic liver disease, those using a clotting factor, people who work with HAV-infected primates.

My child year old doesn’t fit this profile, why exactly does she need this medication?

Then they recommended the HPV vaccine for my sexually unactive young teen. This is recommended and being pushed by the same medical association that assured thousands of women who later developed more aggressive cancers (many in my own family) that HRT was safe, fine and dandy. The doctor couldn’t tell me the long term affects of this new vaccine because they are unknown. She couldn’t explain why a child who is not sexually active needs this shot now except to tell me I can’t be sure that she isn’t. She is well supervised, I can. Basically just don’t worry about the future and let her have the shot was what I was politely and patiently being advised. Sounds too deadly familiar to me, the daughter of a woman who developed a very aggressive cancer while on HRT.

Passed on that one too… for now .


Parenting Teens: Sadly Saying Good Bye To Childish Things…sigh

Last week I tossed out the renewal form for American Girl magazine. All the females in the house still page through each issue but the youngest is now 14 and it is time to stop getting it…sigh

I remember the first time my son wanted to make his Lego kit all by himself. He was about 8 and I knew it was the beginning of the end. Someday there would be no more buying toys, no more people who think you know everything, no more excitement over dying Easter eggs. My husband and I dyed them this year. It took us two minutes….sigh.

He is looking forward to having our kids launched and it to be just the two of us again. I not so much.

....where did those little kids go?

Will I find myself mourning from time to time the disappearance of my teens?

Dare I whisper…in the fullness of time I am looking forward to grandkids!!!


Parenting in The Real World: Death

You warn your kids that bad company can lead to bad ends. And they listen. You breathe a sigh of relief. You don’t really expect, want or desire to see the wisdom of your standard parenting admonitions demonstrated in real life.

A friend of Princess’ was murdered by her boyfriend this week. The man, the murderer (forget that alleged business) in question has several criminal charges outstanding.

The young woman was sweet, kind and made a dangerous relational choice. Some times “bad boys” are well and truly bad. The girls were friends in high school but were not close as they went down different paths socially after school.

I was chilled to hear the previous charges, some still outstanding, against this man while on parole for crimes in a different county. He was escalating in violence and now this young woman is dead.

There were so many factors to this tragedy, if any one of which was different this woman might be still alive. A different father, a parole officer who kept an eye on the young man and enforced the law, if the aunt who posted bail had not and yes, the young woman’s own choices, and lastly the young man's.

He was the one who opted to pull the trigger.

This is so tragic.

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