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Entries from March 1, 2009 - April 1, 2009

Entries from March 1, 2009 - April 1, 2009


Aging With Adventure: Could You Eat Well On A $1 Per Day?

Rebecca Currie recorded her challenge to eat well on $1 per day for 30 days on her blog Less Is Enough. You can find her project rules here and read through the whole 30 day project. Rebecca normally spends less than a $100 a month feeding herself. This would be a challenge even for this already frugal eater.

Rebecca is an excellent writer so the blog is fun to read. As a wannabe foodie I found it fasinating. She does have access to a store that sells in bulk so she could buy a few ounces of what she desired instead of having to buy an entire box or bag. Fruit was more prominent in her diet than I would have expected. Fresh or frozen vegetables less so. She shopped most everyday and posted her receipts on her blog.

I will share only a few surprises and leave you to peruse her blog for more. That pasta costs less per ounce than Ramen was an eye opener. And that Jiffy Mix is a good source of eatable cheap carbs was the other revelation .

Some of the side issues to her project were interesting. Evidently there were those who though she was critiquing poor people’s eating habit, that was not at all her intent but it is interesting how others assign their own meaning the project. A local TV reporter wanted footage of Rebecca getting into her car supposedly to drive to the store. From reading her blog it is obvious she usually walk for her supplies not drives. Again another person trying to co-opt her project for their own purposes.

Besides enjoying her writing, in this tough economic time, I found it encouraging that is possible to eat well, if very simply for a $1 a day.

I wonder what the kids would do if we tried a similar project of $5 a day for a family of 5.


Parenting Teens: A Few Things I have Learned From My Kids

1) Guinea pigs can indeed be neutered

2) The kids can go sledding for hours in the snow with no boots or real winter coats or wearing a hat and not get sick.

3) Poutine is not a dirty word. Canadians will not be surprised that this is so

4) It is possible to carry on several conversations, employing a multitude of medias and keep up with them all as long as a parent is not trying to communicate with said teen at the same time.

5) Love grows.

What have you learned from your kids?


Tales from Yesteryear: A World That No Longer Exists

Dear Aurora,

You asked about blog posts from when your aunts,uncle and mom were kids. The most effective way to get the best family stories would be to get Aunt Cassandra and Aunt Roseland in the same room. Ply them with a few adult beverages and some Buffalo wings and off they will go.

Baring that…we would have to travel back in time, to a world and a sense of place that no longer exists. Not as far back as colonial days or even before McDonalds but back….

To a world were a square meal was something mom made at home, not something served on a tray at a fast food restaurant. Where phones were stationary, rotary and black. Kids played bowling in alleys; baseball on the streets and jacks was a majorly cool game to play. It was a time where mostly men left the home to work and women stayed at home (some happily, some quietly losing their minds), where only boys were allowed to play organized sports and the only “sports” girl were encouraged to play were jump rope and double Dutch.

Some shows on TV were still in black and white. Some had the wonder of Technicolor. There were 3 stations NBC, ABC and CBS. Usually there was something worth watching on. Some time PBS appeared on the TV scene, not really sure when.

Kids would leave the house in the summer and return home before dinner (or else). Moms didn’t worry; at least our mom didn’t because if we were getting into trouble someone would give her a call. Our town was smallish and your granddad was the only baby doc in the area. Everyone knew Pop-pop and Nana. That was an age when other adults would rat you out to your parents or to your priest, who would then call your parents. It was a pain as kids but it did make for a safer seeming world.

More to follow……

Love, Aunt Carissa


Parenting Adults: I Do Not Want To Know

My oldest son, during a phone call, tried to tell me about the driver who almost creamed him on the highway. I am formulating some simple rules for interacting with our launched adults. One is: If you almost die for any reason, as long as you are currently alive and unharmed: I do not want to know.


Do you have any "rules "for interacting your launched adults?


Product Review: Living Botanical Lip Balms Are Amazing

I purchased some of these luscious lip balms through the EC Market Place. The girls and I have divided them up (I am too good to those children)and we all love them. I purchase a sampler through the marketplace so I didn’t get to pick the flavors. The flavors we received were intriguing: cherry tomato, basmati, vintage cabernet, strawberries and cream and black raspberry vanilla.

Unfortunately the offer on the market place was too popular and is temporally closed. However, you can purchase these not be missed lip balms at Living Botanical . The flavors listed on the site are even more intriguing and the balm feels lovely on my lips

I’m gushing I know. It was one of those situations where I though why not give it a try. It was just some ECs, what could I lose in placing an order ?

I am so glad I did. Living Botanical Lip Balms are wonderful.

If you have used the EC Market Place, what has been your favorite/most useful purchase?

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