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Entries from February 1, 2009 - March 1, 2009

Entries from February 1, 2009 - March 1, 2009


Parenting Teens: Teen Food Savings Accounts (TFSA)

Comment here for a change to win an iPod Touch. (You know your interested.)

Parents set up various savings accounts for the long term benefit of their kids and to hopefully keep the family from going bankrupt while benefitting the kids. The most common is the 529 college saving plans. Many families are now beginning to set up medical savings accounts to cover expenses insurance doesn’t cover. I would like to propose a new savings plan; you with young boys please join me in lobbying congress for approval. Believe me you will need it.

With the rising cost of food it has become prohibitive to keep my teenage son well fueled. He assures me because of my draconian control of both the food in the house and the food budget I am starving him to death. I assure him with great sadness that I can no longer afford his consumption rate and I will miss him.

To help other families avoid this fate I propose Teen Food Savings Account (TFSA). Parents or others concerned with the child’s future food consumption could donate pretax dollars that would be placed into an FDIC secured account. The monies could be withdrawn using some predetermined complicated rate only an experienced account can figure out (thus providing the need for accountants experienced with TFSA) when the oldest child reaches the age of 14 in order supplement the family food budget.

I hope TFSA’s will save other young people from that tragic fate of my son.


Norton Online Family IPod Touch Give Away!!

The contest has been moved to A Second Cup Product Reviews!!! All comments all ready made count towards winning!!!!!!!


Norton Online Family: Product Review and iPod Touch Giveaway!

My insightful, profound,useful review of this product has been moved to A Second Cup Product Reviews.

Anonymous is correct I (not on purpose) broke the rules....sigh


Blog Exposure: Along For The Ride

Matthias at The Matthias Chronicles has developed a simple no cost widget that can bring some extra people to your blog each day and give your blog some much deserved free (I like free) exposure. I, tech challenged that I am, had no trouble installing the widget. You can see the Along For The Ride widget on the left side of the screen if you scroll down a little. I want to put it under the e-card widget but I can't get the thing to move....sigh

You can get the rules and the code at

Thank you also to Windmill on The Hill for helping Matthias work out the programing bugs.

Anyone like to share another free opportunity for blog exposure that has worked for them besides E-Card (which I love) and Along For The Ride?


Parenting Teens: There Is No Food In This House

Who would think such a simple observation as “There is no food in this house” could be loaded with gender and age biases.

If you are over 21 and female (at least this is true in my household. The observation may not be accurate for all households) “There is no food in this house” means: Who has eaten all the food I planned to make for dinners this week! I am not going to the grocery store for 3 more days. Get used to peanut butter.

If you are over 21 and male, the above statement means: Wife (implied not stated, gender bias nun the less) get thee hence to a grocery store, the kids ate all the food again.

If you are under 21, male or female “There is no food in this house” means: There is no junk food I want to eat. We have eaten all the frozen pizzas and snacks that were to last the week in 4 days and further more buying the brand of pizza we don’t like didn’t stop us from eating them all so why not just buy the ones we like. The 3 boxes of cereal are gone. (Note to parents of preteen boys, in the near future one box of cereal no matter the brand or the size =one serving of food.)There is nothing for us to eat unless we cook something.

There is always plenty of eggs, dry pasta, boxed mac and cheese, cans of soup, flour, and sugar on hand for those who are truly hungry and have all ready consumed the entire grab and go food I have purchased that was supposed to last the week and I am not going back to the store for 3 more days.

Let them eat peanut butter says I.

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