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Entries from October 1, 2008 - November 1, 2008

Entries from October 1, 2008 - November 1, 2008


Getting From Here to There: The Elements of Character Training Part 1b: Teaching Older Children

Character training = Teaching + Discipline + Praise + Consequences

Teaching is all methods of communicating to your child what you desire them to do and why you desire them to do it. The what and the why are equally important. Teaching consistent of but not limited to oral instruction, demonstrating, visual clues and /or working with your child. Equally important, mention why you do what you do.

The goal of teaching younger children is to break down tasks related to character traits you are developing so they can succeed. The example I used was putting the diaper in the garbage. I did this with my kids; it was am easy place for me to start responsibility training. With little ones, the focus is on teaching, discipline and praise. Consequences come into play with older children. (See here for definitions of all elements)

The goal for older children is both mastery of the task and hopefully internalizing the character trait you are trying to develop in your child. The reason you have for doing something or being a certain kind of person is vitally as you seek to develop character in your child.

Being creative in teaching and discipline, appropriated praise and consistent consequences and prayer are a parents best tools in character training.

You still want to break a task down to simple steps so your child can succeed.

For example: Cleaning his own bedroom is a common chore that is very handy for developing character in a child. A 5 year old if given a few specific tasks at a time can pick up his room. "Joe you are going to clean this room. You are blessed with all this stuff, how cool is that. So pick up your books and shoes first."

Over time, a child can be taught how to clean her own bedroom. Over time, you can use the process of cleaning to help your child mature in various character traits: responsibility, diligence, commitment to family, helpfulness, thoughtfulness.

Here are some sites that have specific steps for you to think through and use if you desire:

Teaching Your Child To Clean

Cleaning Your Childs bedroom the Fun Way

It’s Clean Up Time

Again talking to your child about why you do what you do is primary in developing character of the heart. If your goal is a clean room, teaching a child how to clean will suffice. If you goal is using common household tasks as tools to develop character, you have to explain and have your child eventual explain back, the why of what you are doing. Sally, why do you have to keep your room clean?

How would your child answer that question? Cleaning a bedroom matters for today. How you child answers that question over time can be useful to you in shaping her future as an adult.


A Historical Account of the Return of the King

For more info click here

Energy Policy and the Real World

Dear Mr. Potential Presidents,

There are three areas I am concerned about regarding your energy policy:

Fueling my car

Fueling my house

Fueling my teenage son (and the rest of the family)

It would also help if I didn’t have to waste emotional energy worrying about health insurance costs.

Yours truly,

A Potential Voter who actually Votes.

Anyone else have a concern to add to the list? Do you plan to vote?


Parenting Semi-Adults: Personal Freedom vs. Safety: It’s a Female Thing

Princess took off to Sheetz last night at about 11PM to study. I told her I though this was unwise and unsafe. Her dad was asleep. Princess while she didn’t mind listening to my words, she wasn’t about to be swayed by them either. Off she went last night (she arrived back home by 2AM). Today I had a talk with her dad expressing my concern for my very pretty daughter out late at night alone.

After the incident (about 9 months ago) of allowing her to walk around our town later at night and Princess being followed by a young man, who scared the begeebers out of her; that had me waking my husband up to tell him what happened and maybe he will take my safety concerns more seriously in the future, he did listen ..sort of.

The car now has a curfew. Princess may come and go as she pleases. The car has to be home by specific times. It is our car; we pay all the insurance on it and all the upkeep. Our car’s curfew is midnight on weekday and 1 am on weekends; reasonable exceptions will be given on a per need basis. Requests for exceptions must be made to Dad before he goes to bed.

You think the man would read Listening For The Loopholes.

1) Every time Princess wants to keep the car past curfew will be an important exception.

2) Princess is rarely home from work before her dad goes to bed. The conflict will be back in my court.

Princess and I have conflicting goals. She wants her personal freedom; I want her to be safe. On her side, the local Sheets is about as safe a place for late night studying as you can get. Well lit, well staffed, the police drop by often, cheap food, decent coffee and none of the distractions of home. Her brother hung out at Sheetz often for less responsible reasons. If she lived on a college campus, we would be aware of where and how late she was studying.

On my side….late at night, smaller, physically weaker than someone who might try to do her harm, is walking to and from the car ALONE! If she was going with a girlfriend, I still wouldn’t like it but I could keep my concerns to myself. I am aware of where and how late it is.

I suspect our goals will always differ in this area. She will always want her freedom and I will always prefer she was safe. One of us will someday not get what she wants.

At least I will know the car is safe for the next few weeks.


Blogs Worth A Click: The Diet/Exercise Addition

As of Monday September 29th, there are 60 days before the Season of Eating that starts on Thanksgiving and goes through New Years day commences. Unless you start the season on the night of October 31, then you have 36 days to go. I was thinking for myself, now rather than my usually January vow, would be a good time to lose a little weight. Here are some of my favorite recipes sites. The exercise sites look interesting and that is all I have done so far is look at them

Gina Weight Watcher Recipes. I have mentioned Gina before but useful sites deserved to be mentioned more than once. Her recipes are weekday makeable plus Gina has already figures the WW points for you.

Diet Recipes Blog. Also weekday makeable recipes that are different. Here is one for Chow Mein Noodles Honey Nut Crunch Bars that are just 180 calories a serving.That sounds good dieting or not.

There are more good sites out there . These two are ones I actually use. If you have a favorite please leave it in a comment below. I plan to do a commenter’s favorites update.

Just a note, there are many diets sites designed to sell products. Selling stuff is fine. Please suggest sites with original content that has some use other than to market products.

Here are two exercise sites I keep looking at and thinking.. “ You know I should….”

Fit and Fabulous at Forty …the title says it all

The Hundred Pushup Challenge Even the guys might want to check this site out.

Again of you have a favorite exercise blog, do tell in a comment below.

There is an excellent, free, interactive online bible study that deals with the issues of the heart and our desire to overeat available at The Lord’s Table. The intro sounds intimidating. The study itself is supportive.

Finally all that dieting and exercise deserves a reward: Dangerous Chocolate Cake in a Mug from Down Home Kitchen

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