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Entries from August 1, 2009 - September 1, 2009

Entries from August 1, 2009 - September 1, 2009


Tale from Yesteryear: Books Everywhere

Dear Aurora,

This is a short tale, more of a memory. Books, books everywhere. Nana loved to read. She tried to pass her passion on to her children. Looking around your house you know she succeeded. We grew up with books everywhere. Her favorite children stories, at least the 2 of the stories I remember her reading were The Pokey Little Puppy and Green Eggs and Ham. She loved Dr Seuss. Oh also The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins was another favorite. The Reader’s Digest Condensed books were well read in our home.

Nana didn’t believe in censorship. If the book was in the house we could read it. I remember begging her to read The Exorcist. She warned me not too but I did. I didn’t sleep for weeks afterward. The only thing she forbade us to bring into her house were comic books and movie star magazines. No lusting after Donny Osmond or David Cassidy or Richie Rich for her girls.

Now that I think about it, Nana didn’t drive nor to my knowledge did she have a library card, I could be wrong about the library card. I didn’t remember her getting books for herself from the library although we were all encouraged to get our own library cards. So now that I think about it: Where did all those book come from?

More to follow.

Love Aunt Carissa

What was your favorite book or your mom’s or dad’s favorite book when you were a child?


Parenting Semi-Adults: Speeding Tickets and Maturity

Let’s see, our son was arrested for missing court dates due to speeding tickets. That actually turned out for his benefit. God used that arrest to humble that prideful young man. He stopped playing at being a good Christian and has matured to be a man after God’s heart.

You would think the next driver in our family would learn from his mistakes. And you would be correct, she did. She learned to go to court and postpone her hearings. For 6 months! Plus there was the third speeding ticket she failed to mention.

She told us she had “handled it” and we make the same mistake we made with our older child. We though handled it meant actually do something to resolve the tickets. To the first one handled it meant ignore it. To the second child it meant keep postponing the inevitable until ....when? We happened to find all this out then her dad in an act of kindness was taking the teen car in for inspection and found the second ticket when he was looking for the registration (which he did not find) in the glove compartment.

Our mistake....treating the 19 year old as if she was an adult. We took her word that she went to court to handle the tickets (which was true) without asking specific details (which was dumb on our part and a lie of omission on her part). She didn’t want to deal with the trouble she would be in so she just kept postponing dealing with it at all.

They are semi-adults for a reason. Now the same problem remains: This kid has dug a hole for herself, where is the line between helping and enabling?

Princesses’ way future first born is so getting a drum set when he or she turns three!!!


Parenting in the Real World: The Language Gap

My son has taken to calling me a jerk. I am not amused. He explained to me that it is a kid thing and there is this song where people rap about calling each other jerk and he is not trying to be offensive but inclusive. I am still not amused.

I went through something like this when my oldest took to calling me dude. When I object he switched to the feminine version of the word: dudette. He too was not trying to be offensive. I was not amused.

I took to referring to him as snookie bottoms. I have no idea where I came up with that one. I do recall trying to think of a name he would die if his friends heard.

He was not amused. I went back to being Mom.

I am now thinking once again.

Honestly I won’t mean to be offensive.


A Second Cup Retrospective: Imperfectly Perfect

I have four teenagers living in my home. I love my kids and I have been an excellent mother if I do say so myself. Since there are four of them and one of me, I often have to say so myself. Evidently according to those who claim to know best, I am an imperfect parent.

First off, I never listen. This charge is leveled often at me. There might be some truth to it. My accuser usually levels this charge of imperfect parenting after I have said no to whatever demand said child is making of me for the 3rd or 4thtime. With four kids, while I try not to say no often, I wind up saying no often. I think I could get a hung jury on this one.

I have been told I tend to communicate by yelling. Again there is quite a bit of truth to this particular charge concerning my imperfect parenting. This one I have to plead 'No Contest' to....with extenuating circumstances (I am not a lawyer, by the way, though I do watch way too much Law and Order.) My children, while having normal hearing, are Mom deaf. If I ask them to do something in a normal tone of voice, said action will most likely not be accomplished. Hence, the yelling. A jury of my peers would no doubt convict and sentence me on a week long cruise to some place warm and sandy.

I am also accused of being cheap. I will not pay for dates, multiple expensive hair products, (Suave works for me), more than ten dollars worth of home snacks a week, gas, or over due library fines. I do pay for food, a reasonable clothing allowance, shelter, cell phones, car insurance and college. Case dismissed.

I am admittedly an imperfect parent. And I am perfectly fine with that.

First published on March 10, 2008


BlogHer Search Box

I have had a lot of fun with the BlogHer search box. It is located on the right side of the screen under the BlogHer ads. Normally I don’t mention anything to do with the ads that run of A Second Cup but the search feature is fun so why should I deny myself the pleasure of mentioning it.

There are a lot of smart women out there writing posts on every topic you can think of. I have found several knitting blogs, a couple helpful frugal living blogs to add to the list I already read and recipe blogs galore.

Those are the topics that interest me right now. I will be looking for book review, crafting and living with someone what a chronic illness blogs next.

What interests you?

Try the search box. I bet you find a blogger you will enjoy reading.

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