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Entries from May 1, 2009 - June 1, 2009

Entries from May 1, 2009 - June 1, 2009


A Second Cup Movie Review: Star Trek

Go see it!!

Parental caveat: There are a few elements that parents with young children and younger teens might want to know before making a decision on this movie. For more info check the review at Plugged In Online.

For the record I would be fine with Tech Princess seeing it.

(And not just so I have an excuse to see Star Trek again)

Did you like the movie?


Parenting Teens: Mom Let Me Kick You

That is not what tech princess said. Her exact words were,”Please hold this pillow for me so I can practice my round house kicks.” I like a dummy, held the little furry round orange pillow in front of my chest as if it was the inch blocks of wood they use in class.

It wasn’t.


Blog 7 Tales of Yesteryear: Frost Court

Dear Aurora,

This is one of those tales of childhood that sound like an adult making thing up but I avow my tale truth.

When Aunt Cassandra, Partita and Rosalind and I were very young we live in a wonderful little dead end called Frost Court. Dead ends are what cul-de-sacs are called when no one is trying to sell their house. There were very few children in this little neighborhood and we were very spoiled by our older neighbors. There was the cookie lady and the candy lady. Whenever we stopped by to say hi, these sweet ladies would insist on giving each of us a cookie or a piece of hard candy. For some bizarre reason I remember the candy was shaped like a little pork chop.

There was Bob Donovin the pretzel man who would walk us to the stationary story so we could get a long pretzel stick out of the square box on the counter. There was the lady whose son was a big game hunter who had 2 stuffed tiger cubs in her living room. We though her son was a very bad man.

It was an idyllic place to be a kid. The only dark cloud on the block was the lady three houses on the right across the street. Her kids were always perfectly dressed and perfectly behaved. She was one of the few people I remember Nana really disliking.

I always though that perfect lady was the reason we had to move from Frost Court.

Shortly thereafter your mom arrived on the scene

Love Aunt Carissa


Parenting in The Real: World: Death and Freedom and Safety

Princess is going to the memorial service of a friend who committed suicide. This death is in addition to her friend who was recently murdered. This is a lot of loss for one so young so it is important to her to attend this memorial service.

Unfortunately the service is in Manhattan. We do not live in Manhattan. We do not live within 5 hours of Manhattan. My southern suburban born and raised children have never been in a big city alone before for any length of time.

The same struggle rages. She wants freedom, I want her safe. I told her she had to talk to her dad about going to NYC. This phrase means one of two things, either I don’t want this fight and that man had better say no or I know I will be overprotective and her wiser father will have to oversee this project. Since none of us can be sure what I mean when I say, “Talk to your dad”, it is always exciting to see the outcome.

She is going, flying up, getting from the airport to the hotel by subway, to the church, back to her hotel and back to the airport all on her own. Thousands of young adults navigate NYC every day. I know right now Manhattan Is one of the safer areas in the country. I wanted her to say with family but this is something she wants to do alone (in her grief) and as an adult.

I trust she will be fine, will work out whatever she has to. She is a competent young adult. But she is naive and not citywise, so I will worry…..that is the way it is.

Again she wants freedom, I want her safe.

Again…off she goes…..

Does it ever get easier?


Cooking in The Real World: The Best Pizza Sauce

Easy, quick, cheap…don’t blink you will miss recipe.

1 s 1 stick butter

2 6 1 6 oz can good quality tomato paste

Melt together in a sauce pan over medium heat, stir till mixed

Spread on pizza dough using a basting brush.

Sprinkle with Italian seasonings to taste.

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