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Entries from February 1, 2010 - March 1, 2010

Entries from February 1, 2010 - March 1, 2010


Tales of Yesteryear: Of Blocks and Docs

Dear Aurora,

I was thinking again about when your mom and aunts were kids. Pop-pop as you know was a baby doctor. He had cardboard bricks and Highlights for Children in his office to keep his patients quiet and amused while they waited to see him.

I forget how old I was when the first set of bricks arrived at home. We loved playing with those bricks and demolished several sets while we were growing up. They were great. You could stack’em high and knock’em down, and most likely not break anything including each other while doing so. You could cage a younger sibling, tell them they were trapped and couldn’t get out, and for a while they would believe you. You could build castles taller than your head and roads that traversed the whole length of the room.

We also had an amazing set of wooden building blocks. I think NaNa had a friend make them for us. I remember playing with those blocks, and then watching your Uncle πετρος play with the same set a decade later.

Being a doctor was a little different when Pop-pop first started out. In the days before malpractice became a revenue source for lawyers, and insurance became a third party to health care decisions, Pop-pop would perform circumcisions for his patients for free. He didn’t charge extra for house calls. He often forgot to record the calls so sometimes he didn’t charge anything for making a house call. If a patient of his was having surgery and Pop-pop had time, he would assist the surgeon and he would do it for free. He carried a black doctor’s bag with him at all times. We were not to touch that bag for any reason.

If you were a good patient at the end of the office visit, he would blow you up a balloon to take with you. He had this 2 piece cardboard pumper. He would blow up one for each sibling too, even if he had not seen them that day. You wouldn’t have to share your balloon and your mom would not be crazy by the time she got the kids home. Doctor’s wouldn’t dare give out balloons today even if they had the time to blow them up.

More to follow.....

Love Aunt Carissa

Do you remember going to the doctor as a child?


The Plot: He Heard, She Heard

I am beginning to suspect the idea of putting the house on the market is a plot by my husband to have me declutter the house. I suspect this because there is now a notable lack of enthusiasm on his part to get the house prepped for sale.

The saga continues.......

It is time to paint. At one point we were painting and then somehow we were reduced to one. We may be grammatically incorrect but we are still we, and there is only one painter. The other part of we has refrained from pointing out that, that part of we works full time. Wise we he be.

We also disagree on what the realtor said when she advised us to paint the inside of the house a neutral color. Evidently we heard two difference things when we were advised to paint everything a neutral color. The she part of we can’t begin to paint until we have clarity on what "neutral color" means.

In the interest of full disclosure: the he part of we did paint the floor to ceiling bookshelf in the living room all by himself. It was stained red and he painted it white to match the trim. It looks great.

In the interest of complete disclosure: it should be noted that there are 2 bookshelves in the living room. The she part of we is being very patient because it was declared that only the he part of we can paint the bookshelves.


Two Hearts, One Beat


Bacon Explosion: A Recipe That Defines A Generation

At least that is what Haggai tells me. He mentioned making a bacon explosion for Igor's party. It took me a few days to get up the courage to ask what exacly a bacon explosion was. This is a cooking project (project is the correct word) that is better seen than explained.

It involves weaving a bacon mat, need I say more.

Bacon Explosion

Kathy at The Junk Draw, I hope you enjoy this!


Young Victoria: A Second Cup Movie Review

Two movies within 2 weeks, I am living a wild life!

Good as a date night movie, or a chick flick. Worth the ticket price and the calories from a small to medium sized popcorn!

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