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Entries from September 1, 2009 - October 1, 2009

Entries from September 1, 2009 - October 1, 2009


Parenting Adults: Boys To Men:The Student Surpasses The Master

I was the reigning pizza queen in my home. It was easy to be the reigning monarch because no one else made pizza from scratch in our home. Haggi has developed an interest n food and cooking good food while serving as a poor but humble youth pastor in the deserts of California these last 18 month. A few months back after learning to make sauce, he asked me how to make pizza dough.

I walked him through the steps over the phone. Consulting with him while he was in the grocery store about olive oil and which brand flour and which yeast to purchase to make the perfect pizza crust (always King Arthur bread flour if you can get it. It does cost more and t is worth the extra money). He reported back that his pizza attempts have turned out well.

He underreported his triumphs (the desert time has helped to teach him humility). When he was visiting we made pizzas together. He turned out 5 different pizzas (friends were coming over) with depth of flavor and creativity of topping that I am forced to announce:

The Queen has been surpassed. All hail the new pizza making King!

This is the first time one of my children has excelled me at something I taught them.

It is a weird and proud moment.


Parenting Adults: Boys to Men: Some Thing Never Change

Haggi came home for a visit. His friends started lining up to see him almost before the plane touched down. We had to install a “take –a- number” machine on the door. Okay not really, we are considering it for his next visit if we still live in this area.

It is interesting that he still does lot of the same things with his friends he did when they were teens. The artsy friends have a list of book to read/discuss, bands to go hear and film (they see films not movies)to see. The adventurous crowd has plans I trust are legal, moderately dangerous and I don’t want to know about. Gorge diving was mentioned in my presence....I am not aware of any gorges in that area. What tickled me the most was the friend from boyhood. These guys spend hours playing outdoor and hours indoor playing video games. He came over one evening, they set up the video games and the hulking 21 year olds played for hours, talking, eating and catching up.

I’d poke my head in every now and then and I see 12 year olds playing for hours, talking and eating.

It is great to see Haggi’s why am I crying?

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