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Entries from July 1, 2009 - August 1, 2009

Entries from July 1, 2009 - August 1, 2009


The Grandkids are Coming: The Coolest Grandparents in The World

Warning: Some parents freak at the mere thought of any type of gun anywhere near their child. Check with your child and their spouse to see if project is okay. As cool as it is, it is not worth trouble with the parents and it is their call as the child’s parents if this is okay for their child.

I have never made one of these but when I have grand kids I am so doing this:

The Marshmallow Gun

I would probably make one by myself to see if I could do it and then another with my grandchild. You can never have enough marshmallow guns. I might make these as Christmas gifts or my teens this year........hmmmm

Also consider getting some squirt guns or balloons for a water balloon fight (or two).

For heavy artillery (This is too complicated for me)

Spud Gun


Parenting Semi- Adults: Genetically Directionally Challenged

Princess and I share blue eyes and we are both female. We tend to favor one another or rather she favors my side of the family more than her dad’s. We are not much alike otherwise except we both are directionally challenged. We always get lost and we always eventually wind up where we need to be. It didn’t surprise me it took Princess 5 hours to find her hotel when she flew to NYC recently. I got us all turned around when we visited that city 2 years ago and our hotel was just 3 blocks from Grand Central.

Even with directions we will head out the wrong direction. “Turn north” has no meaning for us unless the sign says Turn North HERE Right NOW.

We jokingly decided it would be fun to take a cross country trip together. We would point the car west towards California. The odds of us actually winding up in California are not good.

We had better pack our passports just in case.

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