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Entries from October 1, 2008 - November 1, 2008

Entries from October 1, 2008 - November 1, 2008


Blogs Worth a Click: National Pumpkin Day Addition

Today is unofficially National Pumpkin Day. It is National Pumpkin Day mostly because I declared it to be so. Millions already join in the celebration. In case you did know it is also National Give Me Chocolate and No One Gets Hurt Day.

To recognize all things pumpkin:

Pumpkin Fudge at The McIllece Spot

Impressively spooky carvings at:

One at a Time : A Busy Mom’s Life

New York Chica

Pumpkin Cupcakes at Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice.

A pumpkin of a different color at a Carpenter’s WIFE’s Tool Box

Different, very creative, something to do with your extra twinkle lights from The Best of DIY

A pumpkin is not the only thing you can carve a face in to. You Fun Family has a Jack-O-Orange

Last but not least: Clever and a tad gross pumpkin (boys will love it) at Stay at Home Mom & Military Wife

How do you celebrate National Pumpkin Day?

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Aging With Grace: A Clearer Head

It was a wise decision to cancel my life and take some time to clear my head. The twilight zone desk is not even cluttered anymore. You can see desktop! Brain space was being to open.

I got the coding for Project Wonderful up all by myself. This has little to do with me and every thing to do with the ease of the code Project Wonderful provides. The ad spaces on the right are free for now so take advantage of some free advertising. I was hoping to make a little money with Project Wonderful but that’s probably not going to happen. If anyone would like to leave a comment or a link about your experience for others considering Project Wonderful please do. I am happy to provide some free advertising for other bloggers and to get a little for A Second Cup. More space in my mind.

I wrote five posts for my blog bank so if something comes up I have something ready to post on hand. I didn't get back with the people who offered to guest post but I will. I now have space in my mind to think through how to do all that.

The fridge coils are cleaned. That task was easier to do than I thought it would be. The coils were impressively dusty. I am very glad I didn’t let that slide any longer. The environment on the coils was such that new and yucky organisms might have developed.

Others have life lists that consist of going to China or writing the great American Novel (which will not win you the Noble Prize for Literature anymore. The committee recently stated in public that American Literature was too provincial). Me, I wanted to start a bog, live to see my kids mature to be independent adults and bake a pumpkin pie from scratch.

There has been a sugar pumpkin sitting on my counter for 2 weeks now. It was either bake it or give it a name and adopt it. Baking a pumpkin pie from scratch wasn’t hard but it was time consuming. There was none left for breakfast in the morning, which is a sad but telling tribute to how well my pie turned out. It is satisfying to accomplish something new, even if it is short of writing the Great American Novel. Satisfaction creates more mind space!

I saw some friends. Life is good.

I knitted and read some books just for pleasure. I,in fact, started a pair of mittens I am making for someone else. Hopefully I will get them completed before next summer. I am a slow knitter.

For once, I recognized burnout before burning out!

A break from routine was what I needed. Words and ideas are flowing again. The neurons in my brain have room to fire up once more.

There is still an under class of tasks that have not made it to the top of the to-do list.

Such is life!


The Hundred Push Up Challenge Week 2 I Don’t Think I’m Supposed To Click

I did 40!!! pushups during my last set for week two. I did forget to do the max out test. My bad.

If you are ready to take the challange check out this site: One Hundred Push Ups

There are clicks that are very satisfying to hear. My knitting row counter thingy makes a rewarding little click as I change the count to reflect the rows I have completed. There are clicks in life that are uh oh moments. Anything that has to do with my car that involves a clicking noise causes my sphincter muscles to tighten and my credit card to melt.

There are clicking sounds I never under any circumstances want to hear. My former electrician son (now a poor but humble youth pastor) said in the course of his work he had encounter spiders so large you could hear their legs make clicking sounds as they scuttled (hopefully in the opposed direction, ugh).

I myself have never clicked before. For some reason, my right elbow has decided to keep count with my mind as I do the push ups. It is kinda unnerving.

I am pretty sure the human body is not supposed to click.


Parenting Teens: Year Round Sandals

We live in the South. Not the deep South but southern enough that if you ask for tea in a restaurant you will receive cold sweet tea, not hot tea with lemon on the side.

Morning temperatures in the 30s and 40s during the winter months are common. Once in a great while we get a significant snow. You can get by most years without gloves and hats. You can usually run and grab the newspaper off your dew-chilled lawn in the morning in bare feet.

It does get cold here. My teen boys seem to a have a footwear issue. They want to wear sandals or flip-flops year round. Forget want to, they are wearing sandals year round. This seems to be one of those weird macho expressions of independence young males make. I guess it is better than a truck with monsters tires and a shotgun rack.

I suppose there are some who think it would be easy to talk common sense into a 17-year-old head and convince said mind that the whole body would be happier if he wore shoes to school so the rest of the body would not be chilled upon arrival at the place of learning.

The difference between an ornery 17 year old and an ornery 3 year old is height.

There are others that might think, “If you would just exercise some parental discipline…”. Since either those others do not have a 17-year-old male living in the house or they have a compliant, sensible one, I am ignoring you.

This issue will be resolved in the normal teen way: some pretty girl at school will tell him how dumb he is being or his toes will freeze and fall off.

Does your resident teen male have a weird way of expressing his independence?


Getting From Here to There: Catch Up Time

Getting this post organized was one of the minor tasks cluttering my mind. Vacumning the fridge is next. I live an exciting life.

If you would like to catch up on the Getting Here to There series here are the posts to date:


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