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Entries from July 1, 2009 - August 1, 2009

Entries from July 1, 2009 - August 1, 2009


Troll Soup: A Second Cup Recipe Suggestion

I love making soup. The girls and I love soups. Since the men in our house don’t care for “wet food” any leftover soup might be around for lunch the next day. Troll soup is one of my favorite soups to make.

Troll soup always starts with water, broth and a can of diced tomatoes. Then I troll the kitchen to see what else I can add. This soup is a great way to use up left over vegetables and meats. Onions, celery, carrots, garlic, lettuce, cooked or uncooked potatoes, any mild tasting vegetable can be toss in troll soup. Frozen vegetables have graced batches of these soups also. Even vegetables I think are icky like lima beans and peas taste good in soup. (IMO nothing can redeem a mushroom. You can add them but please don’t invite me for lunch that day.) Canned beans, lentils, cook or uncooked rice or pasta get tossed into the pot. I prefer some meat in my soup, Princess prefers no meat and tech princess is just happy to have something easily available to make for lunch so it is fifty /fifty as to adding meat to the soup. Toss is some spices. I stop adding ingredients when my soul is happy.

Toss everything into a good sized pot. If you are adding uncooked rice, pasta or lentils add extra water or broth or you will wind up with a very tasty gruel instead of troll soup.

Bring to a boil, then cover and turn the heat down to medium low and let simmer for about an hour. Check to see that the broth isn’t evaporating too quickly and add water or broth as needed. Add salt and pepper to taste at the end of the cooking time. Pass the parmesan cheese to sprinkle on each serving. This soup is even better the next day.



Aging With Grace: Something To Think About

A friend forwarded me this exchange. I though it was interesting.

Hi Karen,
I'm perplexed, overwhelmed really with my study of the Bible. I am involved in 3 studies. I love the books and love to study and read; but when added to my devotion time I end up overwhelmed with all I need to change and scripture I feel lead to memorize! Do you have any suggestions on how to manage large amounts of study at one time?? Seminary students seem to be successful so I must be missing something??
Secondly, do you have a system for keeping track of your prayer list(s)?
You came to my mind as I was sitting here praying about this stuff so I thought I'd email you and get your thoughts when it's convenient for you :)
Thanks in advance for your insight,

Hi Jean, What if you were married 3 guys as once, would you be able to juggle all those relationships and grow deeper in love with each of those guys?
We study the bible for lots of reasons. Sometimes it is for knowledge, the accumulation of information to be used over time like a math student studies math or a seminary student studies for her classes. Some times our study is relational, like when we are dating our husbands and even after we mary them. We study to understand them so we can love honor and please them. Some times study is just fun and to no other purpose than just to enjoy the process because we find the subject so interesting.
Ask yourself what is the purpose of each of these studies. You can't do 3 intensive studies at one time without being overwhelmed anymore than you can be married to 3 different guys and keep everyone happy. The purpose of that kind of study is to know your God, apply what you are learning about Him so that you can grow in relationship with HIM. Pick one as your primary study. The one you will focus on to grow. Ask the Holy Spirit which would help you love Him more and focus on that one. Enjoy the other two. There is no doubt you will learn from them but they are for knowledge or pleasure or fellowship and if the Holy Spirit speaks by all means listen.
Scripture memory is important but do not let the process of memorizing overtakes the purpose, to hide His word in your heart so you can grow in love and obedience. Ask yourself how much you can reasonably memorize in a week and cut that a little so you have some wiggle room and memorize that. Trying to memorize more than God has blessed you with in terms of time or ability just like overeating. The gift becomes more central than your love for the Giver.
I would suggest that organizing to accomplish more is not the goal of Bible Study. One study (maybe two is you have the mental and emotional capacity. Honestly I don't. No matter how many studies I am in there is only on that I focus on in order to love my God more, that is my primary study) ,whose primary purpose is to grow in love and obedience is primary. Focus and application are primary, similar to the focus and application we bring to marriage if we desire that relationship to grow. The other studies need to take a back seat and like a seminary student they are informational and maybe for fellowship also. Can you use one of the studies for your devotion time?
Our God is amazing and I can well understand the desire to learn everything, memorize everything and change all at once. We don't grow in relationships like that and the most important relationship is our lives is with our God.
I have no idea why the fount changed to purple...weird
hope this helps...Karen


Current Guilty Pleasure: So You Think You Can Dance

What’s yours?


The Grandkids Are Coming: The Series


Aging With Adventure: There Is A Mouse In The House

Haggi had a mouse in his little trailer. I mentioned seeing this video on YouTube.

It worked!

Than the mouse jumped out of the bucket Haggi used. Desert mice are tough!

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