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Entries from October 1, 2008 - November 1, 2008

Entries from October 1, 2008 - November 1, 2008


Blogs Worth A Click: I Love Your Blog Award Addition

I had received this award once before (thanks again Gina). The award is on its second and third rounds through the e-card universe. I was feeling like a wallflower at a bloggy party because no one had sent it my way again. (Cue sad tragic music!)

I enjoy blog awards because there are lots of blogs I read and am happy to pass on some link love. Therefore I was surprised and delighted to receive it from Nicole at The Daily Dish and Ryan and Kathy at Trapped in the Office.

The Daily Dish offers a dose of interesting commentary and great recipes. Check out the one for Pumpkin Empanadas.

Trapped in the Office is a new to me blog.Ryan and Katy have escaped the cororated world for that of freelance writerdom. The post about what some people want to pay freelancers is an good place to join their adventure.

The rules, you get to post the cute logo on your blog, link back to who ever was kind enough to award it to you and pass it on to seven other blogs. I have one alternative rule. Writing award posts is more time consuming than you might think. I prefer this award be a appreciation for blogs I enjoy, not a burden to the receivers. So pass it on if you like or not. Either way these are all blogs that are worth a click.

The Junk Drawer. Kathy will have to start a special page just for all the awards she receives.They are given with good reason. This is a favorite of mine to read.

JD at I Do Things So You Don’t Have To will soon need a separate page also. A great humor blog with an unique hook.

Gail at Life After Death: a widow’ story is a new blogger. She tells the story of her husband’s death and her new life journey. Gail is an excellent writer. If you have a moment to leave her a comment that would be encouraging to her.

Consecrated Life. A well written blog about a life most of us know little about.

Diane at Foreign Language Fun A useful resource for anyone interested in teaching children a foreign language. Many of the resources are free.

Kid Tech Guru A 14-year-old tech blogger. I don’t pretend to understand all Xavier posts about but I can pick up enough to impress my personal tech princess for a short while. He has a blog contest going on.

Mid Life Misfits Another favorite that never fails to produce a smile.


Aging With Grace: Thinking Time

This coming Sunday there are no discipleship classes at church so I will not be teaching Sunday night. My tech princess has no Friday classes, so there is less to homeschool this week. I am canceling everything else I can. I need thinking time.

Thinking time, I’ve realized isn’t so much about sitting and thinking as it is removing those thoughts that are cluttering my mind. Thought removal evidently takes time I usually don’t have in my “normal” routine.

There are some good friends I just haven’t had time to see. I have one lunch and one breakfast visit schedule all ready. There are a couple of friend I will call and see if I can invite myself over for coffee. I will be 2 pound heavier but a lot happier by next week.

The fridge coils are getting a good vacuuming this week. The kitchen needs more than a surface cleaning, that is on the schedule also. I am getting distracted by my need to get those minor tasks completed. The problem with a minor task is it never gets to the top of the to-do list. Hanging at the bottom of the list is an ever-growing underclass of neglected tasks until what were a few minor undone tacks is now a major distraction.

There are no extra posts in my blog bank. I am distracted by having nothing on hand if something comes up. Writing posts is part of decluttering my mind.

My desk has turned from a catch all into the Twilight Zone. Things go on it and disappear. I have to dezone my desk because the accumulated chaos (as opposed to the constant disorder, which doesn’t bother me at all) is taking up space in my mind making it hard to think. This would not be a problem if I owned a laptop and could create brilliance somewhere other than the room with the Twilight Zone desk. I am going to have to devote some though time as to why I am the only female in this household that doesn’t have her own person mobile computer!

You see, thinking time is beginning to pay off.

Anything taking up valuable space in your mind?


Parenting Teens: Hear Me Growl

I threatened to hang up on my poor sister today. I told her in no uncertain terms I didn’t want to hear it! My husband who while working from home usually doesn’t notice what I am doing and with whom came strolling through the living room with a look of speculative concern today, wondering with whom I was conversing on my cell phone.

The topic, my teens.

My very patient sister had the unmitigated gall to attempt to stop me mid rant with
…..advice… growl

than she tried encouragement…..snarl

Usually I am reasonable. We give and take advice freely, we pray for each other’s kids and we share some of the same struggles in completing the task of parenting our kids to adulthood.

Not today…..

She assured me several times she will pray for my kids. I don’t think she dared to tell me then she would be praying for me also.

But I know she will.

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. .James 5:16

Thank you Ang


The Hundred Push Up Challenge Week 1 Completed. It Was a Gloat Week!

Thank you to every one who commented on The Hundred Push Up Challenge.

A at Changing Life



Courtney at A Mom Speaks

All said they would give it a try!

If you post about your experience on your blog and would like some linky love, leave the link in a comment or on e-card and I will post the links next Monday when I do my weekly gloat or mea culpa about how I am doing. Please include a link to The Hundred Push Up Challenge web site. This idea is not original to me and link credit should be given where link credit is due.

Last week by the end of the week I did 22 push ups!! (And I learned how to spell push up, two words, not one.) I was a little sore. Day three of week one recommends 120 seconds rest between sets. I though ha! But by the end of the third set (out of 5 sets) 120 seconds of rest seemed very,very reasonable.

I think this is going to be doable in six weeks, probably, possibly, almost definitely….we will see.

The schedule calls for 30 push ups by the end of the week two. Stay tuned…

Better yet, there is still time to join it!


A Second Cup Retrospective

Life has over taken blogging once again. In an ideal world, there is time to think. I find it impossible to create without thinking time. There was no time to think this week. Here it is Friday and ....nothing. When up against it, a guest blogger is always a good solution. If anyone is interested in maybe trading favorite posts once in a while (the post has to be family friendly with no naughty words) if you want to let me know in a comment or on e-card that would be great. The holidays are coming....up against deadlines and out of time are going to become a way of life for many of us.

Or I can repost a previous post, call it a retrospective, sound like this was a planned thing and get on with my day. I am canceling everything I can after Tuesday of next week. I need time to think, to cook and see people I love.

Parenting Teens: The Visit

Someday, I will visit my adult children in their own homes. I intend to walk in, toss both my pocketbook and coat on the floor and promptly misplace my car keys. I will walk into the kitchen; look in their fridge and no matter how much or how little is in there, I plan to complain, “There is never anything to eat in this house”. Then I will sit on their couch with my shoes on and my legs tucked under me, grab the TV remote and turn the TV. I will be doing all this while they are still trying to greet me after picking up my coat and pointing out all the nice fruit and cheese in the fridge waiting to be consumed. I will most definitely use up all the toilet paper and not replace the roll

I will gripe about what’s for dinner, ignore the napkin provided for my use, not offer to help clean up after, regrab the remote and grunt in response to any questions directed my way that might revel anything about my personal life.

I will wonder aloud, why they seem irate and demand to know why they are always annoyed with me and what their problem is.

Or, maybe I will do none of those things. Someday I will visit my adult children and their teenagers in their own homes. I will walk in and hang up my coat and pocketbook, after stowing my keys in the pocketbook. I will not raid their fridge. I may uses the toilet depending, but will replace the role if I use it up. Then I will sit on the couch; listen to my children talk about their teenage children. I intend to nod with sympathy, duck my head and ….smile.


How do you make time to think and then perchance to blog?

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