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Entries from August 1, 2009 - September 1, 2009

Entries from August 1, 2009 - September 1, 2009


Parenting Adults: Boys To Men: Politics!

We are a conservative couple. Our kids grew up listening to Rush and Dr. Laura as I drove them all over the place. We both deeply regret voting for President Bush a second time but honestly what choice was there. (Based on that experience I now think none of the above should be an option when voting for president.)Our friends tend fall somewhere in the political conservative spectrum, although out family members tend to negate our votes.

Haggi has been living in California for almost 2 years now and let us just say he is wandering from his political roots. Which is fine, he is very young (said with a condescending parental headshake).

During his visit home, it was a hoot to listen to Haggi and his boyhood friend Malachi “discusses politics”. Malachi has a similar political upbringing but he has moved to the right of Ann Coulter as an adult. It was fun to listen to them loudly debate the fate of the world while sitting on opposite ends of the couch, battling together to defeat whatever foe was attempting destruction on the video game they were playing.

Perhaps all political discussions should take place while the combatants battle the forces of evil on the video screen before them.....I’m just saying.



My extravagantly wonderful family gave me an IPOD Touch for my birthday. I have already adapted to the joys of reading in bed with the lights out thanks to the Kindle app. I have downloaded (uploaded?) the apps that make me look intellegent like the Discovery Channel, the BBC and the NYTimes. I have flashlight, weather, Amazon, Google , movie times app and that cool app that tell you exactly how much battery power you have left. I allow myself only one game app at a time or I will spend the rest of my life staring at the little screen. I did discover the UTube app allows me axcess to a load of very funny female Christian comedians. That was so helpful during a bad day this week.

So what is your favorite app for the IPOD? What do you use the most and what has been a waste of icon space? What app do you find most useful, which is not the same questions as which app do you use the most.

How many app icons do you already have?


Parenting Teens: Too Clever By Half

Ichabod is into bodybuilding. He drinks this protein powder mix that comes in these big barrel shaped jars and he was always leaving the jars on the kitchen counter.

I have gotten tired of telling the 18 year old to put the barrel like jars back in the closet and the jar got tired of me complaining about it. Evidently the jar now sees being left on the counter as an opportunity to see more of the world. It has visited the shoe box and resided on the piano and occupied space on the book shelf.

For some reason it annoys Ichabod that his jar of protein stuff was bored on my kitchen counter and it now goes walk about. Why this is I have no idea. He has taken to putting the jar back in the closet so it can no longer visit other areas of the house.

I feel sorry for the jar of protein powder. I know for a fact it was planning to start visiting the second floor and perhaps even make a trip to visit the mail box.


Cooking In The Real World The Perfect PMS Food: A Second Cup Recipe Suggestion

The Perfect PMS Food is a highly subjective preference. For me the major food groups would be chocolate, salt, fat, crunchy and sweet. I have often stated that for two days each month a chocolate covered potato chip would be my ideal food. Or Chinese or preferably both.

Alas potato chips get soggy when covered in chocolate for any length of time. Chocolate covered pretzels just don’t do it for me. Not enough fat I suspect.

I was in the grocery store contemplating this sad potato chip reality when what should my eye spy but chow main noodles. I remember something I made for the kids years ago. Chocolate covered chow mien noodles.

Perfection........don’t blink or you will miss the recipe.

12 oz bag of chocolate chips

1 stick of butter

6 oz can of chow mien noodles. You could use more noodles. 6 oz was the biggest can I could get.

Melt butter and C. chips over low heat, stirring all the while.

Remove pot from heat.

Add chow mien noodles to the pot. Stir till coated.

Drop by the spoon full into a wax paper lined cookie sheet.

Put the cookie sheet in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Store any leftovers in an container in the fridge. You might be able to leave the container in the counter but the candy has never lasted more than a few hours in my home.

What is your favorite or your spouse’s (a wise man would know) PMS food?


Poetry for The Masses

I am stuck in another meeting

My kidneys are taking a beating

I want to go home, where I can work all alone

Oh why does the speaker keep bleating?

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