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Entries from January 1, 2009 - February 1, 2009

Entries from January 1, 2009 - February 1, 2009


Parenting Teens: Minor Teen Trials: Then and Now

The Trial: Mom asks you to get some clean kitchen towels while she is busy cooking a dinner you fully intent to consume and you are watching TV.

Then: You cheerfully went to get the towels on the next commercial

Now:You complain, use TiVo to pause your show and go get the towels

The Trail: You are waiting for an IMPORTANT PHONE CALL and your younger sister is using THE PHONE

Then:You waited patiently and sweetly petitioned your parents to get call waiting. Once she was off the phone, you stare at the phone and will him to call

Now: You stare at your cell phone and will him to text

The Trial: Your parents expect you to get a job to pay for some of your personal entertainment expenses (including the cost of dating)

Then: You get a job

Now: You text the girl you like about your unreasonable parents and hope you get some cash for Christmas from kind grandparents.

The Trial: You need to get home from school

Then: (True story). Home is a mile away, uphill, it is snowing and you are wearing your school uniform (A skirt, plaid, ugh). You walked, every day

Now: You go to public school a ¼ mile away and ride the bus home.

Do you have a Then and Now minor teen trail to add to the list? Please be advised I know now how to use the delete function if necessary.


Page Rank 3 Thoughts Continued: Best Advice for New Bloggers

I just wanted to type PR3 again. It is a little like enjoying a beautiful sunset. No matter what you do the sun will set so enjoy it while it lasts.

If you want to check your page rank you can use this page rank checker

You need to be signed up with Google Analytics to get a page rank. At least I think you have to. Here is a easy to understand explanation of how to sign up for Analytics If this doesn't make sense you might need to borrow a tech princess. Mine set Analytics up for me.

If you didn’t get a change to read Matthias’ page rank explanation the last line is the advice I took to heart “having good content and original content will lead a page into the ranks of the ranked”

What advice was helpful to you as a new blogger?


Page Rank 3!!!!!!!!!!!

New bloggers are often advised that page rank does not matter. Which is true unless you don’t have any. I spent so long in the sandbox, I though I would never be allowed to play with the other bloggers. Google like the gods of ancient Roman is seemingly all-powerful, capricious and hard to appease. So I am reveling in my new page rank of 3 knowing full well that Google giveth and Google can taketh away.

If you are wondering how Google page rank works, Matthias at The Matthias Chronicles kindly wrote a explanation that even I could understand.

Anyone have a surprise blessing or cursing from the new round of Google updates?


Aging with Adventure: Lose Weight for a Cause: The Pound for Pound Challenge

Most of us want to lose a little weight. The Biggest Loser and General Mills have partnered up for the Pound for Pound Challenge. Their pledge:

“For every pound you lose, we will donate 10¢ to Feeding America™ - enough to provide one pound of groceries to a local food bank. Report your final results between 4/1/09 and 5/5/09.”

I pledged to lose 10 pounds. If you are interested sign up at

If you figure out how to copy the code for the badge pleaase let me know. I would post it to a side bar if I could.

Thank you Cynthia! The link is fixed everyone.


Aging With Adventure: And a Little Child Shall Lead Them

Well not so little (as in shorter than I), nor a child. My youngest sister is 8 (9?) years my junior. That makes her 21 in “Carol years". We didn’t interact all that much growing up. I was part of the “older kids” and she was one of the “younger kids”.

Coming home from visiting family over the holidays, I was stuck again by all the things I have picked up over the years from my youngest sister.

I did marathons because of her example and encouragement.

I use and love Bare Minerals makeup

I did the low carb diet thing and lost some weight. I still have her Atkins For Life book or I might have donated it to our local book drive. (Did I mention how patient and forgiving this sister is? All my sisters are?)

I’m knitting again. I borrowed her Elizabeth Zimmerman DVD’s which I promise I will return as soon as I make those Norwegian mittens. Really I promise.

I am hooked on Firefly and those DVD’s will be in the mail soon. (I do zap though some scenes. My eyes are easily offended and I am a master zapper.)

I get great suggestion for new- to- me authors to read from both Isadora and her husband E.

For someone I don’t see nearly enough, Isadora has influenced my adult life for the better.

Thank you Isadora….

Do you have an Isadora in your life?

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